Top Tips For Entering The EMMAs


Follow the advice at the top of the 'Categories & Entry' page. Take note of entry deadline & ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to complete.    



Spend time reading through all the categories and please enter as many as you like! Please ensure that your company is applicable for all chosen categories and that most importantly these are showcasing all your successes. 



Ensure you read all the criteria thoroughly (the helpful bullet points listed when you expand the categories). A good entry should include all items listed.



Plan your entry, we would advise that you do this in a word document so that you can easily save a review without needing to be on the internet.

Ensure your entry is within the word limit: 400 per answer and 1600 in total.

Get colleagues to assist you by proofing/ editing/ gathering testimonials. Finally, gather your supporting material ahead of writing your entry and save it somewhere easily to find in the correct formats


Please click here to download our comprehensive guide on creating a winning EMMAs Entry