Expert Insight: Domestic Mobility in Asia’s Key Markets


Lavender Ballroom

Domestic mobility in APAC is something which until recently has not been much on the radar of the centralized corporate mobility function for global companies– if at all. Historically, it has been largely left up to HR and the business at the local level to administer. And most often, the local approach has been ad hoc, without formalized policy or process, in isolation from the company’s overall mobility program.

This has changed substantially in recent years as global companies increasingly look to obtain alignment and equity for all mobility within their organization. And as the link between mobility and talent has become increasingly recognized as a crucial one.

This session will focus on the growing attention being paid to the concept of ‘global domestic’ and to intra-country mobility within Asia’s most significant markets, namely China, India and Japan. It will draw on significant and original research conducted on this topic by Weichert’s Advisory Services group.

Senior Vice President, Global Client Services (EMEA & APAC)
Weichert Workforce Mobility
Client Service Director - APAC
Weichert Workforce Mobility