Mobility Masterclass 2: The Growth Engine Reigniting Talent Mobility in APAC


Workshop Lavender Ballroom

APAC is poised for coming back at full force despite inflation and macro-political challenges. As each year goes by, there are new records being set in Asia - for example, more talents are moving within Asia or outbound from Asia to other parts of the world. At this session, you will have the chance to hear the perspectives of two award-winning global mobility professionals as they explore:

• An overview of APAC region in macro-economic terms

• The key challenges and opportunities for mobility in this region

• The experience of Micron Technology as a mini-case study

Join Shumin Yeo ((Recipient of FEM’s Americas EMMA for Rising Star 2022) and Avrom Goldberg (Recipient of FEM’s APAC EMMA for his Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility 2016) for this unique perspective.

Senior Vice President, Global Client Services (EMEA & APAC)
Weichert Workforce Mobility
Senior Manager, Global Mobility
Micron Technology Inc.