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Roundtable 1: Case Study: The Critical Role Wellbeing Plays in Successful Assignments 

Hosted by: Cheryl Hood Client Relationship Director & Michael Nole Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing - World Travel Protection

Roundtable 2: Aligning Talent and Strategic Business Goals in the New Talent Mobility Landscape

Hosted by: Nicole Wharfe, Regional Sales Director, SIRVA - BGRS

  • As organizations move into the recovery stage of the pandemic, new demands on global talent mobility teams are ramping up. Employees are seeking greater flexible and support and are prioritising their well-being. Businesses are looking to reduce costs, go digital and reinvent their workforce policies to be more appealing to new talent.
  • Amid the disruptions and new demands, many global mobility teams have evolved to be more talent focused, integrated and strategic. Join our discussion to learn new and proven talent mobility strategies that have worked for the new demands of the workforce and environment, and the best practices in finding the right balance between talent and business needs.

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Roundtable 3: Global Mobility in ‘Post-COVID’ APAC: Transformations in Work, Assignments and Business Travel

Hosted by: Avrom Goldberg, Senior Vice President, Global Client Services, EMEA & APAC & Helen Pereira, Client Service Director, APAC - Weichert Workforce Mobility

  • As APAC (somewhat unevenly) closes the gap with joining the rest of the world in a genuinely ‘post-COVID’ era, what are the most pressing current and near-term challenges for global mobility in the region?
  • Will the COVID induced changes to the way we work, deploy talent and travel for business travel differ materially with other regions?
  • How are companies mitigating the challenges in this transitional phase and what are the corporate priorities in APAC for the talent mobility agenda through 2023?

Roundtable 4: Managing a Remote Workforce

Hosted by: Jason Tang, Deputy Regional Leader, APAC - AIRINC

  • After two years of working from home, it appears that remote work is here to stay! Both employers and employees are trying to make sense of how the experience has changed them, and as the momentum keeps up, companies are exploring the business merits of cross-border and cross-state remote work.
  • With borders opening up, how will companies handle requests for employees to work remotely, and what will compensation look like with a distributed workforce?
  • Join us to share your organization’s remote work practice, global mobility’s involvement, and the pay approach(es) for your remote workers.


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