Closing Panel Discussion: Attracting, Developing & Retaining Global Talent in APAC


Lavender Ballroom

• What does the future hold for talent development in APAC in the post-pandemic world?

• Are your recruiting and talent management processes and workforce planning fit for purpose? What is best practice?

• Is your talent strategy and company culture aligned?

• When the entry and immigration rules and regulations are subject to sudden changes – for example in The Philippines, Singapore and Australia – how can you risk-proof your talent strategy?

• Can skills gaps be filled by immigration? How can you negotiate a path through quota restrictions such as those in Singapore, Taiwan and The Philippines?

• What will changes to immigration policies elsewhere in the world mean for home-grown talent in the APAC region? Will there be a greater concentration of talent remaining in the region?

• How can you address operational efficiency and business critical needs whilst developing the talent needed now and in the future?

• How can global mobility identify and attract more diverse talent to serve a rapidly changing environment?

• What role can remote working/virtual assignments play? What are the risks?

• How do you manage moving assignees in and around the APAC region, especially from high cost/high salary regions to low cost/low salary regions?

• How can you manage health and security risks and culturally prepare your assignees for challenging locations?

Global People Mobility Director- AMA/GC
Procter & Gamble
Head of HR
Fragomen Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Senior Global Mobility Manager