Managing Talent Across Borders in a Diverse and Changing Region


Panel discussion

As the world’s largest manufacturing hub, the APAC region is vital to so many globalized businesses, but with the Covid pandemic continuing to necessitate strict travel regulations between countries how can businesses effectively deploy and develop their talent?

• The level of ‘normality’ varies enormously from country to country across the world and in Asia itself, so how can business travel or assignments be best managed?

• What do you need to know about immigration regulations in and out of the region?

• How do you manage moving assignees in and around the APAC region and what are the extra costs?

• Is the concept of borders irrelevant in the era of remote work?

• How can you test new markets if you don't have an entity in the location? Can you use Employer of Record as a solution?

• What are the health and duty of care requirements that you need to be aware of?

• How can you leverage technology to help manage the demands of the business with the need for compliance in a fast-changing situation?

Director of Global Account Management
General Manager
Globalization Partners
Global People Mobility Director for APAC
Senior Manager, Global Mobility
Micron Technology, Inc.