Rajesh Prasad
Rajesh Prasad
Mobility Advisory & Service Leader
Accenture Japan

Rajesh is an experienced Senior Business Partner in Tokyo (Japan), providing global talents management and sourcing Advisory and Services to integrate with the annual business plan for both the inbound and outbound long term and short-term expatriates, business travellers and cross border engagement.

He has over 2 decades of demonstrated professional experiences in the Human Resources Services and SME of Global Tax, Immigration and Cross-Border Compliance, whereby, he has leveraged his multicultural upbringing, and living and working in Japan has provided him the global business acumen skill sets for him to be successful in all areas of business needs.

Rajesh has a successful achievement working in the financial service as a senior consultant and with the professional firm managing global talent solutioning for all business of inbound and outbound services contributing to organizational performance through development and implementation of cost-effective HR related strategies, solutions and services to optimize utilization of global talents to meet global business delivery, and most importantly the core of all is by developing global talents for future global leadership. He is a dedicated self-starter and problem solver with outstanding relationship-building and collaborative team leadership/motivational attributes.