Nicky Brophy
Nicky Brophy
Lead International Mobility Specialist
Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd

Nicky Brophy is an accomplished HR and International Mobility Specialist with a remarkable 23 years of experience in various facets of HR, Recruitment, and International HR. With a strong background in managing complex mobility programs, Nicky currently holds a prominent position as the leader of the Mobility Program at Ericsson, overseeing operations across 16 countries spanning Southeast Asia, Oceania, and India.

Throughout her career, Nicky has made significant contributions to multinational companies operating in the oil and gas as well as telecommunication industries. Her expertise lies in fostering collaboration with key stakeholders to drive enhanced outcomes in cross-border employment and mobility initiatives.

Working within a highly intricate organizational framework spanning 180 countries, Nicky's profound understanding of mobility practices is instrumental in ensuring compliance with expatriate taxation and immigration regulations at Ericsson. The company relies on Nicky's specialized knowledge to effectively manage its mobility program, facilitating the seamless mobilization of talent and the development of crucial capabilities essential for achieving business success.

Nicky Brophy's extensive experience, combined with her commitment to excellence and adeptness in navigating the complexities of international mobility, makes her an invaluable asset in the field of HR and an indispensable leader in Ericsson's global operations.