Carolyn Milligan
Carolyn Milligan
Head of Global Mobility, HR

With over 20 years in various global roles specifically focused on mobility and international HR, and five years in UK roles focused on UK HR, Learning & Development and Relocation service provision, Carolyn has enjoyed watching the role of HR evolve. She has also seen the role of the mobility function change from transactional support function to strategic, and the place of work develop almost beyond recognition. Carolyn combines curiosity and creativity with a strong ‘common-sense’ approach to global mobility, and has a keen focus on the future of workforce planning. Highly collaborative, she is also focused on quality of employee experience as an EVP and achieving optimum business results for the ROI measures. Carolyn has a degree in psychology and sociology from London Metropolitan University, and is UK CIPD qualified, and is frequently asked to speak on the topic of changing landscape of mobility.


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