Basic Travel Tips:

Familiarise yourself with your destination - the layout of the city and important routes

Always carry a charged phone programmed with useful numbers - your hotel, local colleagues, police, or embassy - and the International SOS Assistance app

Don't give out personal information and don't discuss your travel plans with strangers

If walking in public, carry small denominations of currency. Keep larger denominations (notes) and cards in a money belt. If you suspect that you are being followed, enter any busy public place and call (local authorities) for help

Travellers should be alert to suspicious packages or behaviour and report all related activity to local authorities. 

Risk Summary

Singapore is among the safest destinations in the world and the city-state is considered the most secure jurisdiction in South-east Asia. There are isolated cases of petty crime, while the incidence of violent crime is low. The threat of terrorist attack is also low; nevertheless, as with any major city that attracts Western businesses, vigilance should be maintained. Singapore is politically stable with negligible concerns regarding civil unrest.

Consult the International SOS Travel Risk Map for more information.

Personal Risk

The overall criminal threat is low, especially when compared to similarly sized cities around the world. Petty crime is the primary threat to business visitors. Incidents of violent crime are extremely rare. Severe penalties for all types of crime (e.g. drug trafficking and murder) serve as a major deterrent. E-commerce scams, involving email impersonation, remain a concern. These generally affect business transactions and fund transfers between companies. The streets are generally safe at all times of the day and night, though petty offences, such as theft of mobile telephones and cash cards within private vehicles can be an issue. The police have increased their efforts to deal with the problem of illegal immigrants, whom they blame for some crimes. Strict anti-drug laws include a mandatory death penalty for the possession of even a small quantity of illegal drugs. Foreign nationals are not exempt from the death penalty.

Visit the International SOS website for more information on health and security solutions


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