Mobility Masterclass 1: The Pursuit of the Possible – A Partnership Journey


Lavender Ballroom

Join Kerwin Guillermo, award-winning Global Mobility Leader and recipient of FEM’s Americas EMMA for his Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility 2022 for this interactive workshop.

Kerwin will focus on lessons and stories that demonstrate how HPE builds its partnerships between corporates and providers. Kerwin explains HPE's ecosystem and how both sides of mobility can collaborate to pursue the possibilities of creating excellence.

In this session you will:

• Work through a real business case situation with your fellow delegates to model potential solutions.

• Learn how HPE handled the same situation and its partnerships – and the challenges, solutions and lessons learned.

Gain practical advice and insight as Kerwin shares how HPE has learned these key pillars:

• Customer at the Centre

• Thought Leader vs Taught Leader

• Playing the Right Way

• Investing in the Journey

Global Head of Employee Mobility
Hewlett Packard Enterprise